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Getting In Touch With Ourselves and Our Inner Child: : Michele Paradise (Part 1)

Do you want to break the chain of stress, childhood and legacy trauma? Here’s another healing session with Michele Paradise, trauma-informed therapist, an international speaker, personal development and wellness expert. Stay tuned!

By Sadhana Kumari
19 May 2022

Childhood trauma and being misled in life can have adverse effects on the mental development of an individual. Unless he/she decides to start healing by attending an affirming course, the cycle repeats. This is all about awareness, as without awareness we cannot change what we do not acknowledge. We all happen to develop certain patterns while we are growing up. It is time to undo what you have been going through in the past and pick yourself up to get in touch with your true reflection. Get started with awareness of patterns, where they came from and how you adapt to the personalities and habits of caretakers or parents. Trauma informed therapist, an international speaker, personal development and wellness expert, Michele Paradise shares the insights on understanding yourself better.


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