Harness The Power Of Crystals—Pick The Right One For You

Crystals have long been used to support well-being. Here, we decode the potential benefits of everything from rose quartz to jade.

By D Tejaswi
13 Jun 2021

Crystals have been in use as part of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for years. According to a study by American Public Health Association, more than 80 percent of the developing world utilises CAM, and half of the developed world also uses CAM to empower, and revitalise mind, spirit, and body.

Many people use crystal healing as alternative or complementary therapy to ease anxiety, bring harmony, mental well-being and balance to their lives. It is believed that vibrations from crystals such as quartz, agate, amethyst or opals help channel good energy.

Also, from a psychological point of view, using crystals is a handy way to remind a person of their goals and intentions. Divya Srinivasan, professional practitioner of alternative healing, based in Chennai details the uses of different crystals and the specific places where they work well.


The interpretation of different popular crystals
1. Jade: For stress and anxiety
The light green jade has calming and soothing properties. It is believed that it can eliminate fear and help alleviate stress and anxiety.

How to use jade
Jade can be worn as jewellery. Wearing this crystal on your left hand is considered beneficial as it is close to the heart. But, if you have one single, big, loose stone, you can consider placing it at an important location of your home such as a window, or at shelves near door entrances to invite good energy.




2. Citrine: For money and prosperity
Citrine enhances your ability to manifest anything you truly want,mainly in the realm of money and prosperity—such as buying a new home, investing in properties or achieving career stability. It also helps amplify your thoughts, to make your dreams come true.

How to use citrine
The pale yellow to brownish orange of citrine looks great as jewellery. It helps radiate your inner confidence and attract meaningful connections for prosperity. On the other hand, an alternative way to use citrine is to place the crystal on your non-dominant hand to meditate. Meditating along with citrine helps to align the vibrations of the body with the crystal.



From a psychological point of view, using crystals is a handy way to remind a person of their goals and intentions.


3. Rose quartz: For love, joy and emotional healing
This gentle, pastel pale pink coloured crystal is an indication of inviting and sharing pure love. The crystal helps balance emotional health by mirroring and transmitting the love hidden in you. It is believed that it changes the way you see, feel and interact with people around you.

How to use rose quartz
Place it near your heart chakra by wearing the crystal in the form of a necklace. The other lucrative options to harness maximum power of this crystal include placing it under your pillow or putting the stone at the centre of your home/workspace to develop compassionate love.


4. Turquoise: For self-realisation and creative problem solving
Turquoise, ranging from aqua blue to light azure green is a beautiful crystal that is also known as the stone of communication. The crystal aids in understanding the inner-self better. Healers often recommend this crystal to those who are looking for deeper truths and hidden talents. The crystal is also helpful in encouraging the creative problem-solving skills in a person. It is believed that using this crystal boosts the creativity.

How to use turquoise
Turquoise is traditionally placed in the north direction of a home or room to spread calming influence. For personal use, you can place it under a pillow or even hold it to feel comfortable and mindful during heated debates or discussions. Wearing a piece of turquoise jewellery is another way you can use it.

5. Quartz: For concentration, awareness and wisdom
If you are someone seeking enhancement in your inner spiritual journey, quartz can help. A crystal for awareness, quartz aids with concentration, studying and retaining the memory.

How to use quartz
Tuck the crystal into your pocket, wallet or under your pillow. You can also place it on windowsills or near your indoor plants to amplify the environment and aura around you. Also, meditating with quartz crystal is another popular practice. People find a rise in inspiration levels over time.

6. Amethyst: For physical health and wellbeing
From reducing headaches and promoting digestive health to improving endocrine function and enhancing the immune system, amethyst is used for healing. According to some beliefs, amethysts help block electromagnetic frequencies and geopathic stress that can foster negativity.

How to use amethyst
Make or buy jewellery such as a ring, bracelet or necklace with amethysts. Other ways to use amethyst include holding the crystal and making a wish or meditating using the crystal.

(Reader’s discretion is recommended. Crystal healing is a part of complementary and alternative healing mechanisms. Always consult a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding a medical condition or for personalised medical advice.)


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