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How the Jupiter Retrograde 2021 Can Affect Your Sun Sign

The second Mercury retrograde 2021 may have just ended—but now we’re in the midst of a Jupiter retrograde. What does that mean, and how will it impact your sun sign? Read on.

By D Tejaswi
23 Jun 2021

Planetary movement and its effect on human life has inrigued us for ages. “The position of planets is believed to have an influence on the life of a person,” begins Lakshman Rao, a Hyderabad-based astrologer. When Jupiter started its retrograde phase on June 20, 2021, it began to have an impact on all the 12 sun signs until Sep14, 2021, adds Rao.


What is a retrograde?
Retrograde, also known as backspin, is an event where the planet undergoes an illusion of backward movement when seen from earth and in actuality, this does not occur as per physics.

Significance of retrograde
Retrograde is a time for self-introspection. “Often we act without taking any pauses or full stops in our life—mostly based on our intuition,” says Rao. Retrograde of the planets implies having moments of self-reflection, moments to analyse major decisions of the past, based on which you set a new pace for coming days. Jupiter—the planet of growth and abundance—being in retrograde means that it’s time that you look back at your plans you made to attain good wealth, health, vitality and friendships. “Think of the moment you decided to do something and weigh whether the plan is still worthy of taking it ahead or not,” adds Rao.


Impact of Jupiter Retrograde, 2021 On Your Sun Sign



Feisty Aries will have courage issues to start a new project but Rao says, Aries shouldn’t be disheartened and start the initiatives with fervour. Aries will enjoy good health during the time of Jupiter retrograde. They will have strengthened finances from repayment of old debts. Aries will also spend good family time.

Ruled by Venus, this stubborn sign will reap multiple benefits in the retrograde. Rao says, new vehicles, chances of promotion are in store. While in relationships too Taurus will enjoy better understanding with their partner.




Jupiter retrograde will be particularly beneficial for the sign of twins. With good business, health and travel opportunities, Gemini will have confidence for new initiatives. Rao says Gemini must spend some time on spirituality for best results.

Jupiter retrograde has entered with Cancer sun sign. Rao says due to this, retrograde will have mixed results for Cancerians. While family life and relationship with children will be better, chances of enmity and anxiety may increase due to their choice of words. Key lies in being humble and calm during this period.




Rao says Jupiter retrograde isn’t so positive for lions. Leo may face some health issues and problems with partner which in turn can cause stress. It is better to control anger with meditation and surya namaskars.

The logical sign of the zodiac will have some good fortune during this retrograde with comfort, good business and children’s progress coming along the way. Virgo will create good memories with family in their new vehicles, also.
Libra Rao says Librans will enjoy Midas touch during the Jupiter retrograde. They will achieve excellence in all fields and facets with marketing people closing deals with ease. Family life and relationships will also see a positive rise during this period.


The sign of the scorpion can look forward to a good time. With booming business as well as positive job changes, Scorpio will also participate in parties and family gatherings.
Sagittarius aren’t looking at a positive time during this retrograde. With non-cooperative peers and bad finances, there may be stress to mental and physical health. It is better to postpone travel or travel with a lot of friends and family to avoid stress.


Rao says that silence would be golden for Capricorn in the retrograde. There are probable vehicle risks for this zodiac, with signs of bad health for mother or wife. It is suggested that Capricorn keep on working for now but not expect results until later.


Jupiter retrograde is generally good for the water bearer. While it can bring some financial trouble, stress and problems with siblings, it will also bring long-term benefits to the people under this sign. It is advised to talk softly, avoid fights and keep calm during this period.
Pisces will have good fortune during the Jupiter retrograde. There will be good atmosphere at home and work. Siblings will understand each other. Pisces may also look forward to buying new things.



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