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How To Get Most of UR.Life OHC Visit

Taking care of yourself while working is vital. Here’s how you can take better care of your health by visiting URLife OHC.

By Namami
20 Feb 2023

The ultimate goal of corporate wellness for any organisation is to give employees space to feel psychological safe, grow professionally, and remain healthy. URLife Occupation Health Centers have a robust network of experts and latest laboratory technologies that offer world-class care.

A 2018 survey titled ‘The Impact of Corporate Wellness Programs on Employee Productivity’ by the Journal of Management Studies found, sick and unhealthy individuals who improved their health increased productivity by about 10%, with surveys indicating improvements in diet and exercises . To provide a complete well-being experience for their workers at work, decision makers should seek employee wellness programmes and services to improve company work experience.


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Offering 360° Wellness: URLife Occupation Health Centers

URLife's holistic wellness approach identifies the factors that will enable you to achieve a stress-free workplace experience, one that caters to a healthy lifestyle by proritising physical and mental health well-being. At Corporate Wellness, we help you to invest in your well-being through our seamless intervention of medical programs. We provide doctors on site and specialists for emergency care. When you visit a UR.Life OHC:


Ask for a health risk assessment

Health Risk Assessment offers health risk status for chronic and lifestyle conditions, these include health checks for diabetes, heart health, obesity, poor sleep, and stress management. Recommendations are given based on the risk score to control and manage the risks. These recommendations include consultations with medical specialists, expert nutritionists, physical trainers and mental health coaches who create personalised plans for diet and lifestyle modification.


Ask for a personalised nutrition plan

Our holistic wellness approach caters to all aspects of your nutritious well-being. This ensures that you can bring your whole self to work. Our evidence-based approach with food regimens, movement programmes, and mental health resources sets us apart from our competitors.


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Get on a customised workout plan to get fitter

Our team of highly trained experts are adept at customising personalised training and nutrition plans to help you meet your health goals.


Talk to a mental health expert to learn stress management

We have a diverse network of qualified therapists and medical experts who are trained to guide you on techniques to manage stress.


Ask for a smoking cessation program

If you are looking to make behavioural changes you are not alone. Speak to your OHC representative today to know more about URLife’s on demand substance abuse programs.


Educate yourself on stress management and health risks

Visit scheduled web talks and seminars on health and wellness to learn about stress management, and better productivity. With UR.Life Corporate Wellness by your side, you will be better armed to tackle stress. Our complete holistic well-being packages offer lifestyle solutions, consultations, and other customised services to help your employees live a fit and healthy life.


Need all your wellness solutions in one place? A whole new world awaits just a click away.


With the UR.Life Corporate Wellness programme, we help you to invest in your well-being through seamless interventions and targeted medical treatments. Our holistic wellness approach caters to all aspects of your well-being. We ensure that you are able to bring your whole self to work.

With our medical professionals by your side, routine health check-ups will never be an issue. Advanced laboratory technologies back UR.Life’s Occupational Health Centers (OHC), and with highly qualified experts/technicians, we’re committed to delivering trusted and quality recommendations, modifications and advice to you.

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