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Making Workplace Wellness A Priority, A UR.Life OHC Success Story

There’s no telling when a medical emergency can occur, and organisations must be well-equipped for such situations. Here’s how one workplace, with the help of UR.Life OHC, was able to be there for their employee during a health emergency.

By Aditi
17 Feb 2023

It was a day like any other, and Sudheer* (name changed for privacy reasons) was ready to head to work. As an employee of a large financial services conglomerate, Sudheer was proud of his success at work. He was committed to dealing with deadlines and stress efficiently and enjoyed a good reputation at work. But as he began working that day, he felt something wasn’t right. He felt an uncomfortable tightness in his chest, and the discomfort became more intense as the day went on.

Sudheer realised that he required medical attention as the discomfort made it impossible for him to focus on anything else. He headed to his office’s OHC, managed by UR.Life to seek medical help. The attending nurse welcomed Sudheer and got to work by checking his vitals. The results were alarming; Sudheer’s pulse rate and blood pressure were far above normal levels, indicating that something was wrong.


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The nurse immediately referred Sudheer to the OHC doctor, who inquired about his medical history and did a thorough evaluation of his condition. The doctor realised that Sudheer required immediate medical attention, and the pre-determined emergency response plan was initiated.

As the ambulance was on its way, Sudheer was moved to a wheelchair and transferred to the ambulance. He was taken to the nearest hospital to be admitted. Upon admission, the hospital’s diagnostic procedures revealed that Sudheer had suffered from a myocardial infarction, a serious condition that required urgent medical care. Myocardial infarction is a serious ailment that arises when your heart muscle isn’t getting enough blood flow. Although there are numerous potential causes, a blockage in one or more of your heart's arteries is the most common one.

The hospital then provided the necessary tertiary care to ensure that Sudheer made a full recovery. The UR.Life OHC team followed up with the hospital for updates on Sudheer’s treatment and were happy to hear that he made a full recovery.


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Sudheer's experience is a reminder to everyone about the importance of seeking medical attention when you experience discomfort, no matter how minor you think it is. It can be easy to dismiss pain or discomfort and tell yourself it’s time to toughen up, but it can be a symptom of something much worse. Thankfully for Sudheer, the timely intervention of the UR.Life OHC team and the hospital care ensured that he made a full recovery in no time.


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