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Redefining Wellness At Work, UR.Life OHC Client Success Story

Taking care of your health is important, even when you’re at work. So, what happens when an employee suffers while working? Here’s how one employee was helped by UR.Life OHC during a health emergency.

By Aditi
15 Feb 2023

According to the International Labour Organisation, there are approximately 340 million occupational accidents annually, and 160 million individuals are affected due to work-related illnesses. We had a similar case recently at one UR.Life OHC, where a hardworking employee, Ajay* (name changed for privacy reasons), suffered from a fainting spell while at work.

Ajay was working on structural repairs and pushed himself to his limit without rest, adequate food or drink. The day was hot, and working outdoors exposed his body to extreme duress. When he entered the lobby to drink a glass of water and find some respite from the heat, he immediately collapsed.


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The security staff immediately rushed to Ajay while another employee alerted the OHC staff and duty manager about the situation. A medical attendant along with a nurse, arrived within 5 minutes of Ajay’s collapse to deliver first aid. Simultaneously, an ambulance was readied in case a hospital transfer was required.

Upon checking Ajay’s condition, it was found that while he was suffering from no injuries, his pulse was lower than normal, and his blood oxygenation levels were also below normal. Immediate treatment was given by the OHC doctor and nurse, in which Ajay was administered two litres of oxygen for 15 minutes. He was transferred to a nearby hospital for further treatment.


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Ajay regained consciousness within 10 minutes and was orientated to his environment soon after. The final diagnosis was determined to be dehydration and excessive working, which triggered the fainting spell as soon as he walked inside the building.

To ensure that Ajay was on the road to recovery, UR.Life OHC continually followed up through calls to check on his condition. It’s easy to push yourself to the limits when you are passionate about your job, but it can have a long-term impact on your well-being. With increasing temperatures each year, it is crucial that organisations take appropriate measures to safeguard their employees’ health and ensure success for themselves.

With UR.Life OHCs, organisations can holistically take care of their employees’ mental and physical health while increasing productivity at work. Our OHCs are the ideal way to look after employees through sickness and health, to ensure that targeted interventions are provided when needed. It can boost your employees’ morale at work, improve employee retention and ensure that your organisation remains reputed as one that provides good working conditions for your employees.


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With our medical professionals by your side, routine health check-ups will never be an issue. Advanced laboratory technologies back UR.Life’s Occupational Health Centers (OHC), and with highly qualified experts/technicians, we’re committed to delivering trusted and quality recommendations, modifications and advice to you.

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