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Making Vegan Shrikhand with Vinita

Who says going vegan has to mean no desserts? While it’s true that many desserts use milk-based products, there’s no reason to say no to sweets when expert nutritionist Vinita Contractor is here to help. Find simple vegan alternatives and how to make Shrikhand with a twist in her latest video!

By Aditi
14 Jun 2022

There’s nothing that completes a meal quite like dessert.

However, there is a perception among many people that adopting a vegan lifestyle means that you can’t enjoy popular desserts like Skrikhand, chocolates, cakes, and so on.

While we make many desserts from animal-based products - that is no reason to say no to desserts when you can make vegan versions at home!


Expert nutritionistVinita Contractor, tells you about common vegan alternatives that enable you to enjoy desserts and keep to your vegan lifestyle.

In this latest episode of hers, she also shares her Aamrakhand recipe, a twist on the traditional Shrikhand.


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