Parenting Hacks: 7 Ways To Manage Responsibilities Amid Holiday Season

Keep your holiday season cheerful, bright, and fun, like your child’s smile, with these awesome parenting hacks that will save you from agony and bring happiness and cheer to your life.

By URLife Team
26 Dec 2022

Forming a stable and consistent routine is the key to becoming a great parent. Initially, the adjusting period for your new routine as a parent might seem a bit too much for your emotional and mental health, but as you and your child form a habit of it, it becomes easier to manage. And with the holiday season around the corner, you will likely have a difficult time finding a balance since your schedules and routines are bound to be messed up. But worry not; here are some parenting hacks to your rescue.


Parenting Hacks to Navigate Holidays

Parenting is difficult, especially when you’re finding your rhythm as a new parent. With most of your time spent on caregiving tasks for your little one, you are left with no time for yourself. With that being said, the new year is just around the corner, and so is your perfect excuse to get some parenting hacks up your sleeves for navigating these holidays. Here are tips to get you through this season of joy with a baby.


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1. Make a Plan in Advance

While you can still have a wine night with the ladies or a beer session with your mates, the only thing that will change is the heaps of planning you’ll need to do ahead of time. Plan your night out a week in advance, and don't forget your parent duties the following day! Other than working out a plan to spend some time with your friends, you must also plan to navigate various situations that can be typical in your life during the festive season. Think ahead and make a plan – “what if XYZ happens?” – then I can/should do 1, 2, 3… Have these handy plans ready to manoeuvre through challenges quickly.


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2. Tweak Your Child’s Nap and Sleep Routine

A major part of navigating the festivities after becoming new parents is tied to your child’s sleep routine. During busy times, depending on what your child’s sleeping pattern is like, you might need to alter their nap times and sleep routines. If you know there’s a busy day ahead the next day, perhaps try skipping or cutting down on one of their naps to get them to bed earlier so they are relaxed for a long day. If you know that you will be out longer than their bedtime, you can add an extra nap or perhaps let them nap longer so they don’t run out of fuel and cut your night short.


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3. Take Some Time Off Parenting

Another parent hack and really good advice to follow is to take some time off your parenting role. Yes, we know you love your child, and we are not saying to isolate them completely, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have some alone time for yourself. Do take a break from your child as this will energise you to play your role as a parent even better. This can allow you time to have fun, care for your mental health and satisfy your other needs.


4. Ask for Help

There’s absolutely no shame in asking for help. And if your friend or relative comes forward to help with babysitting, don’t be shy or too polite not to accept. No one will offer to help you unless they really want to help, so go ahead and accept it.

Also, if you are financially able, hire a babysitter for convenience. Most parents guilt-trip themselves into thinking that leaving their child with a hired- babysitter is irresponsible . However, if your child is old enough to stay away for a while and if the person can be trusted, you’re not greedy or wrong in wanting to interact socially without your child in your arms.


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5. Don’t Say “No” to a Party Invite

It’s not uncommon for new parents to reject an invitation to any house party or outing. You might be swamped with thousands of duties revolving around the recent addition to your family, which is what babies are famous for, occupying their parents with responsibilities and heaps of happiness. But consider saying yes to parties once your child is old enough to be left with a responsible person or be accompanied by you.


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6. And if You Party, Remember to Stay Hydrated

If you have said yes to go to a New Year or Christmas party, it is crucial to make the most out of your time. Drink (if you do), eat, dance, and have fun to its full potential, but amid this, don’t forget to stay hydrated. Remember you have to become a parent again the next day, and you can’t fully enjoy or fulfil your parental duties if you’re hungover.


7. Get Your Child Involved

Lastly, acknowledge your fears. We understand that bringing your child out can be challenging for many new parents, and maintaining your social life after a baby is kind of a big deal as well. If you cannot leave your baby or want to try out socialising with your little one, start getting your child involved in your social life.

And what’s a better time than the holidays? New Year’s Eve or the Christmas gathering is the perfect time to have your child taste the flavour of socialising either with children their age or accompany you to a kid’s party.


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Ways to Get Your Child Involved During the Festivals

As a parent, you might have heard other parents asking you whether they could bring their child to your place during the festive season. While you wouldn’t want kids running around everywhere and disturbing other guests, you also understand how it feels like to have a small child who is not yet at the stage where they could be left alone. Here are some parent hacks to keep your child involved during the festival season without having them cause much chaos:


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1. Get Your To-Do List Out

Organising is the secret to keeping your sanity this season. Don't attempt to be a super parent and finish all tasks six months ahead of time, but do make a plan with a list of things to do each day or week in the months prior to the holidays. This could include buying presents, adorning the house, or deciding what to prepare for the holiday gathering you are hosting. Taking care of these duties gradually will make it a lot less intimidating.


2. Have Some Kid-friendly Food

Good food leads to a good mood and that definitely holds true for children and adults . If you have guests coming over to your place, you can organise some kids’ special munchies to keep them busy.


3. Dedicate a Kid’s Corner

Host a special kids' area at the venue to keep them entertained. Let them converse and craft with building blocks, jigsaws, and tabletop games such as Scrabble, chess, and cards. Make sure to check in periodically. When all else fails, you can always set up a kid’s movie for them.


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Parent Hacks for Spending Quality Time During Festivities

Just because you now have a baby doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the festive season. You won’t be able to enjoy it in the same manner, but there’s a different kind of fun spending the holidays with your child! Moreover, bonding with friends who have kids will help you connect with them in a different way, understanding their parenting styles too. So, this holiday season, incorporate these easy hacks to make the most of the festivities! Happy parenting!

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