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Rashmika Mandanna on Lockdown, family, and returning to work

Now that lockdown curbs have relaxed and a portion of the population is getting back to their workplaces – some full time and others in the hybrid mode. Actor Rashmika Mandanna tells us about her lockdown experience and how she deals with the thought of returning to work after months of staying home.

By URLife Team
22 Dec 2021

How did you keep your morale high during the lockdown? What kept you going?

I’ve maintained a positive outlook right through this period and decided to be happy during this difficult situation. I feel an individual is better equipped to tide over problematic circumstances when backed by family and friends. Things always turn out to be more manageable. The lockdown has taught me to take things slow and focus more on spending time with family.


When you are constantly working and running around, you miss out on the simple pleasures of being together as a family. Family is important. Don’t take them for granted. I’m now experiencing a balance that wasn’t there before.


How has your relationship with your family and friends changed during the lockdown?

The lockdown has given me an opportunity to spend some quality time with my family. I feel I’m closer to them now because I’ve never spent this much time with them! Because while growing up, I was always living away in hostels. So far I’ve been really happy. The added bonus is that my family is quite entertaining.


My sister keeps things interesting and my mother acts like my younger sister at times or worse still – as my daughter! My father is very candid and childlike – there was never a dull moment.


After joining the film industry, I was unable to meet my friends due to my busy schedule. During lockdown this changed and I finally managed to catch up with my old friends through phone and video calls and spend some time with them reminiscing about the old days. The lockdown has been a memorable time in more ways than one. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I got to spend with my family and friends.


How is generosity and festivity interlinked?

The key to remain positive, optimistic and cheerful is to take care of each other, love each other. With the festive season around the corner, there will be plenty of opportunities to show how much you care. In fact, I feel generosity and festivity are closely linked. We are all about giving, whether it’s a hug or a smile, everything revolves around caring – that’s why they say, sharing is caring!


Festivals and celebrations are one of the many reasons to share a smile. We don’t need festivals as such, to show our generous side. I believe that humans are not self-centered creatures by nature.


We all have a short time to leave our stamp on this world – all we’ve got is one shot. Life is short and unpredictable and the pandemic has only proved this. Giving is a quick way to feel a sense of satisfaction and completeness. Having said that, I think those who are kind to others first need to be kind to themselves.


What did you do to give back during the pandemic?

Giving increases happiness and fulfillment. It acts as a life purpose for givers and makes the world a much better place to live in. You discover happiness when you give. For this reason, I decided to support a small village in Tamil Nadu during this pandemic.


Though I don’t like to discuss this, I have given whatever I could. I’ve always tried to support and help whoever has reached out to me in these challenging times. Work was on hold and there was a struggle in terms of money flow, but I have tried to do my bit during the lockdown. We are all designed to discover happiness by loving and caring for others.


We all have a short time to leave our stamp on this world – all we’ve got is one shot. Life is short and unpredictable and the pandemic has only proved this.


What motivated and inspired you when shootings had come to a halt?

During the lockdown I maintained my motivation levels by deciding to follow my regular routine, except going to the shoot and learning my lines. When you care for yourself – it means you are kind to yourself and this will give you a strong mind and body. Do things that enhance your well-being.


I planned my day and included exercise, breaks, eating healthy, family time and time to socialize, which was mostly virtual. I feel I took complete advantage of the extra time I got during the lockdown. I would plan my workouts and plan my rest hours accordingly. When I resume work, I may not be able to find that much time for myself.


What is your mantra to return to work?

I’ve been learning new languages and watching a lot of content which will help me later on when I start shooting. In a way, I’m a bit scared to go back to work because I don’t know what the situation will be like once it starts, but I’m sure I’ll adjust. I’ll just go with the flow.


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