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Simple Ways To Avoid Work Stress At Home

No matter how good of a position you are in, there comes a time when work stress can be overwhelming. Read on for ways to avoid work-related stress at home.

By Namami
13 Jan 2023

Home is a place of solace, where our loved ones live, gather, and share memories. In an ideal world, none of us would ever intentionally bring work tension at home. However, no matter how hard we try to avoid bringing stress home, there are days when our triggers outnumber the things that relieve stress. 

A 2002 study titled Causes and Management of Stress at Work by the Journal of British Media Journal (BMJ) found, “Situations that are likely to cause stress are those that are unpredictable, uncontrollable, uncertain, ambiguous or unfamiliar, or involving conflict, loss or performance expectations.” Stress may be caused by time-limited events, such as the pressures of examinations or work deadlines, job instability, or long commuting journeys.


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Five Tips To Avoid Bringing Work Stress Home

1. Double Down On Some Family Time

Enjoying the smallest moments with your family can be a meaningful way to bond with your loved ones but it can be difficult to do after a tiring busy schedule at work. Work stress might lead to triggers that can ruin precious moments. Re-evaluating your negative thoughts will benefit your family time.

Whether it's by helping your children with homework, watching movies with them, or assisting with household chores, the idea is to focus on spending quality time with your family. Studies have shown that spending time with family can help relieve stress and anxiety, lead to a better lifestyle, and even help you live longer. Family can inspire you to be the best version of yourself.


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2. Unplug On The Way Home

Whether your commute is 15 minutes or 55 minutes, it can be the time for you to unwind. A 2017 study conducted by the University of Florida looked into how people might avoid work/life balance issues. They discovered that workplace abuse impairs an employee's self-regulation skills: it's harder to control impulses and manage emotions, which means such people are more likely to do and say things they regret when they get home.

Consider using relaxation tools like deep breathing, stretching, listening to mental health podcasts, calling an old friend to catch up, or simply paying attention to how beautiful the drive is during returning home. This will help you to create a positive cycle and unplug from your workload after work.


3. Set Boundaries For Email And Phone Rules At Home

We all reach for our phones throughout the day and while doing that we might get a hunch to revisit the work email or message. This will hamper the quality of time you spend at home. It leads to you disconnecting from your family and plugging back into work. Some measures you can take are letting your colleagues know your availability, not replying to messages after you reach home, setting timers on company software or shutting down your work laptop. Setting firm rules of emailing and phone rules at home will mark your work boundaries.


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4. Get Your Rest

Sleep is an essential aspect of maintaining your mental and physical health, and it is especially critical when you are stressed at home. To keep your mind and body in balance, aim for at least 7-8 hours of healthy, restful sleep per night. Make this a non-negotiable element of your night-time routine and start sleeping better.


5. Change Your Language

Simply altering one phrase in your daily speech can have a powerful effect. Instead of saying, “I have to…” say “I get to…” So, when you’re leaving work, don’t say, “I have to go home and see my family,” try, “I get to go home and see my family.” Changing that one word from “have” to “get” can alter your perspective and make you release the importance for your quality time with your family.


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Our home is the most precious procession we have. We should make a choice to leave work stress behind at the office and enjoy time with the people we love most. It is a choice you need to work hard at every day. We hope that these five recommendations will assist you in not bringing work stress home.


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