UR.Life OHC And E-Pharmacy: Making Healthcare Accessible For All

The pharmaceutical industry is the third largest and fastest-growing industry in India. Now get all your health benefits under one roof with UR.Life OHC and e-pharmacy.

By Namami
30 Mar 2023

According to a 2022 study by the National Library of Medicine (USA), the Indian online pharmacy market was assessed to be at US$ 41 billion in 2021 and remained the third biggest market in terms of value. By 2024, it is expected to increase to US$ 65 billion as the population ages, chronic infections increase, disposable income rises, and awareness grows, among other factors.

Leading HR professionals of organisations are trusting e-pharmacy via OHC for secure transactions, health check-ups and medicines. Be it annual health check-ups, delivery of medicines, access to 24/7 access to doctors’ consultations, UR.Life OHC can knit it all together for you. E-pharmacies have emerged as a promising tool that provides ease of buying from the comfort of home and here’s how UR.Life OHC and e-pharmacy is a cut above the rest.


Need all your wellness solutions in one place? A whole new world awaits just a click away.


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Status of E-pharmacy In India

According to a 2021 fact sheet by KPMG (India), in 2020, the Indian e-pharmacy market had 50 e-pharmacies and accounted for 14 per cent of overall e-pharmacy revenue in the Asia Pacific Region.

1. Scope for Internet Penetration

There is still a lot of room for growth in internet usage in India, which is predicted to grow at an 8.78 per cent between 2020 and 2022. As a result of the progressive increase in internet and mobile phone usage, e-pharmacies will continue to grow in India. Aside from that, continuous technology advancement will continue to support this expansion.


2. Increasing investments and consolidation activities

This sector is also attracting huge investments from some of the largest conglomerates around the world.


3. Increase in medicine spending

Medicine cost in India is expected to grow between 9-12 per cent over the next five years. To the user, the overall process of ordering from e-pharmacy has become easy and convenient.


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4. In recent years, e-pharmacy has grown significantly in India, and it is predicted to develop at a solid 21.28 per cent compound annual growth rate between 2021 and 2027.


5. Growing internet and smartphone usage, rising healthcare expenditures, and a growing need for convenience and accessibility are the primary elements driving this increase.


6. The acute need for doorstep delivery of drugs was felt during Covid-19. Nearly 8.8 million households used home delivery services during the lockdown.


7. E-pharmacies call themselves facilitators of doorstep delivery and claim tie-ups with retail chemists for vending medicines.


Much progress has been made in e-commerce firms. Because of growing internet penetration and smartphone access, e-commerce has witnessed exponential growth across industries, from clothing to groceries, and individuals have begun to satisfy most of their demands online.

As a result of this fundamental shift in purchasing behaviour, internet pharmacies have grown rapidly, providing the convenience of shopping from the comfort of one's own home. In India, e-pharmacies are increasingly grabbing a sizable share of the whole pharma retail value chain. Let's look at some of the unique aspects of e-pharmacy using OHC:


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What makes E-pharmacy via OHC unique

Our service includes:

1. Health checks benefits

Be it annual health checks or pre-employment checks, UR.Life OHC has you covered:

  • Pan-India network: With premium service partners and organisation collection centres across 150+ cities, all your employees get a uniform experience.
  • Flexibility of location or service: With options of conducting the tests on-site and off-site; ensure the maximum number of employees are covered within your organisation.
  • Utilise the sponsored health benefits: With careful planning, our communications ensure that your employees are aware of and take advantage of the sponsored perks or health benefits.


2. E-pharmacy service benefits

40 per cent of the average Indian's healthcare spend is on medicines. We at UR.Life OHC help employees save money from the comfort of their homes through our e-pharmacy services

  • Pan-India service: With our partner servicing 20,000+ pincodes, medicine orders will be delivered pan-India within 48 hours.
  • Discounted services for employees: Provide up to 20 per cent discount for your employees and help them save money on their family's medical needs.
  • Reminders and refills: Our product identifies when your employees are due for a prescription refill and gives them a gentle reminder as well!


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3. Mental health and well-being support

Mental health and well-being support help your employees stay mentally fit and happy with proper support:

  • 24/7 counsellor support: With round-the-clock access to counsellors, help is just a click away. All data is private and confidential.
  • On-call or face-to-face service: If required, your employees can schedule calls with counsellors or even have a face-to-face meeting.
  • Workshop and events for employees: Organize webinars and workshops to sensitize your employees at multiple levels about mindfulness, stress management & more.
  • Self-Help content: Employees get access to articles, blogs and videos about mental health that can be consumed at their leisure.


Our E-pharmacy growth drivers via OHC


Unconventional nature of traditional pharma

Conventional pharma retail is largely unstructured due to the presence of several merchants in multiple locations, resulting in issues such as the selling of poor and counterfeit pharmaceuticals, price wars among various shops, and restricted drug availability. The rise of e-pharmacies can help to mitigate this threat by allowing consumers to purchase pharmaceuticals from a well-organized online platform.


Value and Convenience

E-pharmacies can help secure the provision of genuine and authorised pharmaceuticals (a wide choice of drugs that are safe for use) at inexpensive costs (by eliminating middlemen and offering discounts) with better accessibility (online platform, home delivery & improved digital payment infrastructure). As a result of the convenience and value they provide, e-pharmacies are predicted to be generally embraced in our country.


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Government support

The Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana is a crucial component of the government's effort to guarantee that the country's general populace gets access to high-quality, reasonably priced medications. This, together with the Digital India Initiative, will make it possible for customers to visit Jan Aushadhi stores through a mobile application, which would be extremely advantageous for them.


Growing awareness of counterfeit drugs

The highly sophisticated tracking mechanism and surveillance system used by e-pharmacy remove middlemen and the possibility of receiving fake or poor medications.


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Features of E-pharmacy via OHC

In a short amount of time, e-pharmacy has attracted a lot of consumer and venture capital funding. To regulate the e-pharmacy industry and safeguard consumer rights, the Indian government, under the act of New Drugs, Medical Devices, and Cosmetics Bill (2023) has adopted rules and standards for the online purchasing and selling of medicines. Our e-pharmacy via OHC abides by all the standards provided by the bill and gives the following advantages to employees:

1. A quick and convenient way of buying medicine

Ordering medicines online need not be complicated and at our e-pharmacy we ensure that. All you need to do is browse through our wide variety of products and add products to your cart and complete the payment. This makes the process of buying medicine quicker and more convenient.


2. Better prices and discounts

When you purchase your medications from e-pharmacy via OHC, you receive perks in addition to timely delivery of your medications to your door. With discounts and special deals, we give health credits to make more purchases on our platform.


3. Personal information is private and confidential

As pioneers in the healthcare segment, we understand the importance of privacy. And that is why, over the years, we worked on building that trust. We ensure that every data shared through our online stores remains secured and encrypted.


4. Order anytime from anywhere

We deliver to over 20,000+ pincodes covering both rural and urban areas. We can supply medicines to any part of the nation because of our extensive network. In India, we have more than 4,500 pharmacies to meet all your medication needs.


5. 100% Genuine Medicine

All medicines and healthcare products used by our nurses are completely genuine products. The products sold are inspected thoroughly to ensure only genuine products make the cut. We believe that when it comes to medicines, quality and authenticity should never be compromised.


6. Easy access to information via articles, prescription reminders and dosage FAQs

Besides purchasing medicines, you get easy access to additional information via articles covering 70 healthcare specialities, prescription reminders, FAQs related to healthcare topics. With so many services under our umbrella, you would not need to go anywhere else!


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360° Online Health Experience: UR.Life E-pharmacy via OHC

At UR.Life, we make sure our products remain authentic and invest in your well-being through our seamless delivery. With UR.Life e-pharmacy of Apollo 24/7, online ordering of medicines will never be an issue.

  • With UR.Life's e-pharmacy, you can login to Apollo 24/7, which is supported by highly skilled experts/technicians and committed to delivering with a trusted licence of over 20,000 pincodes.
  • Our e-pharmacy is providing express delivery in all major cities, including remote areas.
  • We are stacked with multiple payment options, be it corporate paid or employer-paid, wallets or UPI system.
  • We provide health interventions, health education, audio and video consultations, nutritionist and psychologist-on-call, Apollo 24/7 circle membership.
  • We schedule web talks and seminars on health and wellness to educate your workforce about common health issues.
  • Health Risk Assessment offers health risk status for chronic and lifestyle conditions, including health checks for migraines, back pain, diabetes, heart health, obesity, poor sleep, and stress management.


Need all your wellness solutions in one place? A whole new world awaits just a click away.


Our holistic wellness services include online content delivery and custom wellness plans that are in line with your company culture, values, and business goals. With UR.Life corporate wellness packages, you can ensure that each employee is cared for in a cost-efficient manner. Experience seamless healthcare through health screenings, onsite and online health programmes, online and on-site doctor consultations and smooth prescription delivery.

At Corporate Wellness, we make sure our evidence-based approach makes employees thrive in all aspects of their lives. We help you to invest in your well-being through our seamless intervention.

We help your team and employees build mental and physical resilience by recognising their strengths, managing stress, and nurturing healthier bodies. Our holistic wellness services include online content delivery and custom wellness plans that are in line with your company culture, values, and business goals.

Boost existing well-being programmes or start a new initiative that puts employees first. With our corporate wellness packages, you can ensure that each employee is cared for in a cost-efficient manner. With our medical professionals by your side, routine health check-ups will never be an issue. Advanced laboratory technologies back UR.Life’s Occupation Health Centers (OHC), and with highly qualified experts/technicians, we are committed to delivering trusted and quality healthcare.

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