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Are Integrative Treatment Plans The Future of Wellness At Work?

The future of work-life balance is slowly moving towards holistic, integrative plans that take into account mental and physical health. Let's take a look at why integrative medicine is the next big thing in corporate healthcare.

By Namami
24 Feb 2023

A worker’s physical and mental health should be a top priority of any organisation. If Covid has taught us anything, it's the fact that we can no longer treat mental and physical symptoms in isolation. This is why more and more organisations are rapidly leaving towards personalised integrative treatment plans for their employees. Integrative medicine takes an evidence-based approach to treat a person as a whole—mind, body, and soul. Integrative medicine uses a variety of therapies to treat your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

According to a 2013 study titled ‘The Future of Integrative Medicine’ by the American Journal of Medicine, perspectives offered by integrative medicine will eventually transform mainstream medicine by improving patient outcomes, reducing company costs, improving physical and mental health safety, and increasing patient satisfaction. Combinations of methods such as psychological and physical (e.g., yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, dance or art therapies) or psychological and nutritional (e.g., mindful eating) are now becoming more common in modern healthcare.


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Understanding Integrative Medicine

According to a 2001 study published in the BMJ, integrative treatment has a larger meaning and mission. Integrative treatment includes patients and doctors working together to maintain health by focusing on lifestyle issues such as nutrition, exercise, rest and sleep quality, and the nature of relationships.

  • Integrative treatment is patients and doctors working together to preserve health by focusing on lifestyle elements such as nutrition, exercise, relaxation and sleep quality, and the nature of relationships.
  • Integrated treatment, as opposed to traditional medicine, focuses on the physical, emotional, and psychological components of healing a patient.
  • Focuses on healing relationships and encourages patients about therapy choices.
  • Gaining back the body’s natural state of balance can restore this equilibrium and advance health and wellness.
  • Evaluating the mind, body, and spirit—integrative medicine focuses on how numerous symptoms may be linked and look for root causes rather than just treating specific symptoms.
  • Integrative evaluations are highly personalised. All aspects are considered when establishing whether or not an individual remains healthy.


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How Does URLife OHC Provide Integrative Wellness For Employees?

Organisations can introduce UR.Life’s Corporate Wellness Programs to invest in employee physical and mental health.Our holistic wellness approach caters to all aspects of your well-being, and we ensure that you are able to bring your whole self to work.

With our medical professionals by your side, personalised integrative treatments will never be an issue. URLife Occupation Health Centers provide integrative wellness for employees through:

1. Effective Stress Management

OHC has a diverse network of qualified therapists and medical specialists that are trained to advise you on stress management, anxiety, hypertension and other approaches.


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2. Immediate health risk assessments

Health Risk Assessment offers health risk status for Diabetic, Cardiac, Exercise, Sleep, Nutrition & Stress. Our recommendations are based on the risk score to control and manage health hazards, which distinguishes us from our competition.


3. Instant access to emergency care

URLife OHC’s holistic wellness approach identifies the factors that will enable you to achieve instant emergency care with on-site doctors and specialists for emergency care. OHC provides specialised equipment such as AEDs for emergency cardiac assistance.


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4. Encouragement for movement

Engaging your workforce in ergonomic desk exercises, stretching activity, and taking active breaks will ensure a healthy work lifestyle. URLife OHC’s movement programs and recommendations help your employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.


5. Personalised nutrition plans

URLife OHC holistic wellness approach caters to all aspects of your nutrition. This ensures that you can bring your whole self to work and not be bogged down by the consequences of an unhealthy diet. We distinguish ourselves from our peers with our evidence-based approach and expert nutritionists' diet and food regimen advice.


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6. Informative webinars and seminars

Visiting scheduled web talks and seminars on health risks to learn about stress management, reducing hypertension and better productivity. With UR.Life Corporate Wellness platform by your side, you will be better armed to tackle stress.


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