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Important Questions To Ask Before You Accept A Job Offer

You finally have the job offer! Now, it’s time for the research. Asking questions is important as a candidate to receive a fair offer. Learn the aspects of what to ask before accepting a job.

By Namami
29 Dec 2022

How great it feels when an organisation offers you the position you’re looking for! Especially when you are eager to get started with the new role. However, once you receive that call you longed for, it’s time for your next quest. Your take in all the information about the job offer. It’s crucial to understand how you should approach a hiring manager and what questions to ask before accepting a job.


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Why is asking questions before accepting a job important?

If you are looking to thrive and not just survive in your new job, asking questions is vital. It gives you a fair idea about the work ethics and company culture that you are about to be part of. Moreover, asking the correct questions can ensure that you do not have to back out after accepting the offer.

According to a 2022 press release by Gartner (USA), “Not only are candidates keeping their options open, but they are more likely to back out of offers after accepting. Our June survey of over 3,600 candidates found that 44% of respondents had backed out after accepting an offer, compared to 36% in 2019.”

The study further states, “Candidates are more motivated to seek new employment due to negative aspects of their current job, not necessarily perceptions of available opportunities.”

Asking the proper questions cannot only help you find your perfect career path, but it will also prevent you from getting stuck in a toxic work environment .


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Important questions to ask before accepting a job offer

When it comes to asking the right questions, the topics can be wide. However, we managed to sum up all questions into five main categories. These categories include the following topics:



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Prior to accepting the offer, research questions to ask under these five categories:

1. Compensation and Benefits:

Questions about your compensation and benefits will come under this category. Whether they are offering the salary you are expecting is something you must clear with the hiring manager in the beginning itself.

Asking about benefits such as leaves and medical insurances makes you understand what your company covers. Here are some examples:

  • Is the salary negotiable?
  • Is the salary provided base pay?
  • Does this role offer bonuses/paid leaves/weekend offs or commissions?


2. The Role and Company Brief

When giving the interview your knowledge about whether you have done your research about the company will come handy.

Choose any recent milestone they have crossed or achieved and ask the following question:

  • “How do you expect this position to contribute to such a recent abc project your company achieved?”
  • Not only this will immediately give you credibility, it will also strengthen your candidature in comparison with other fellow candidates.


You can further ask:

  • What does success in this role look like?
  • How is success in this role measured?
  • What would be my immediate priorities?


3. Company Culture

Learning about the company culture is important as it makes you determine whether you will fit in or not. Company ethics are a part of their culture and that helps you understand whether the position and the organisation are right fit for you.

Here is a list of questions concerning the company's culture that you can ask:

  • Do you have any work-from-home options?
  • What distinctive benefits does the company provide?
  • What steps does the organisation take to prioritise work-life balance?
  • Is an office tour possible so I can check where I'd be working?


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4. The Team

Asking questions about the team you will be part of will create a hierarchical benchmark for you. These questions about the team of people you will work with can help you determine what the team dynamics are in the organisation. Questions such as:

  • Who will I report to?
  • What is my supervisor or manager's leadership style?
  • How many people are on my team?
  • How is work divided among our team?
  • Is there any micro-managing?


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5. Career Exposure

It is critical to ask about your own development within the firm. The company's career exposure decides if accepting your employment offer is a good career choice. These questions will definitely provide you with a complete grasp of how a company's career development and individual growth work together:Career Exposure

  • Is there a probationary period in this role?
  • How often do performance reviews occur?
  • What professional development opportunities does the company provide?
  • What advancement opportunities exist for someone in this role?


General questions to ask before accepting the offer

Finally, there are a few fundamental questions you should ask about the job offer. These types of questions ensure you clearly understand all the details before you accept your job offer:

  • When can I have this offer in writing?
  • When do you need a response?
  • Do you need any other information from me?
  • What is the next step in the hiring process?


Now that you know how to approach recruiting or hiring managers when they come your way, ask the questions and best of luck in your quest!


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