Looking to Get Fitter? Here’s What Your Morning Routine Should Look Like

When you’re ready to rise and see the shine, keeping your fitness in mind is crucial. If you’re looking for ways to kickstart your fitness as soon as you wake up, here are some tips to help!

By Aditi
20 Apr 2022

Morning routines have been glorified on social media, so much so that people often have unrealistic expectations for how their mornings should be. However, you don’t necessarily need to have a ‘picture-perfect’ morning to make it ideal for you.


When you’re looking to boost your fitness journey, routine is crucial to help you achieve that. It’s vital that you go to sleep and wake up at the same time (or around it) every day to see the long-term results. Julianne Hough has recently revealed that she starts her morning by performing a gratitude ritual, which helps her orient her energy in the morning.



Here is what you should know about a morning routine and what you can do to make it healthier:


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Why is Having a Morning Routine Important?

A 2017 National Library of Medicine, USA study shows that those who had consistent wake-up and sleep hours performed better than those who didn’t have a proper schedule. Another 2018 study by Spall and Xander showed that most successful people started their morning by doing activities that made them feel good. Having a concrete morning routine can help set you up for success and more when done right.


When you consider highly successful people like Oprah and Bill Gates, you’ll find that they have one thing in common—a standard morning routine. Oprah Winfrey wakes up each morning without an alarm, and takes her five dogs out for a walk to get some sunshine early in the day. Many people, especially those who wouldn’t call themselves ‘morning people,’ wonder why these routines are so hyped. However, when you have goals to accomplish during the day and lots to do, having a regular morning routine can help you achieve that.


For those who don’t like the mornings so much, finding ways to energise yourself during this time can set you up for the whole day. Your mornings can set your mood and energy for the whole day.


According to swimming coach and director of TRI Fitness Private Limited, Manisha Khungar, having a routine and being disciplined gives you freedom. When you have your morning planned out, you don’t have to worry the night before about what needs to be scheduled and what doesn’t.


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What You Need to Cut Out

When you’re looking to have a good morning routine that boosts your fitness but also removes any distractions, there are some things you should avoid after waking up. Avoid getting distracted by your phone, social media, or even what you’re planning to do with your day when you wake up.

Coach Khungar says that setting your alarm and ensuring you leave your bed as soon as you get up is ideal. It will instill discipline and ensure that you’re not wasting time in bed while you could be getting things done.

Don’t let your curtains remain shut any longer than they have to when you’ve gotten up. Feeling the sunlight is an excellent way to indicate to your body that it’s time to wake up. It’s time to rise and feel the shine, quite literally!


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Another thing you should avoid in the morning is skipping breakfast. Having a good and nutritious breakfast in the morning enables your metabolism to start and keeps your mind focused on important tasks. You can’t move ahead with your day on an empty stomach, especially when you want the energy to work out.


What You Should Include

As New Delhi-based Pilates trainer Vesna Jacob says, “spending time to set the intention and starting the day on a positive note is crucial”. You can start stretching, even when you’re still in bed. When you’re looking to make fitness a priority, she states that starting your day with a detoxifying glass of celery juice is ideal. If you’re looking for an alternative, a glass of lukewarm water with some lemon is also great.

Jacob also remarks that doing basic mobility exercises or Surya Namaskar in the morning to get your metabolism started. It can help you feel energised and ready to conquer the day.

Coach Khungar agrees that this is the time to focus on yourself and remove all the humdrum from your mind. Getting out the door for a quick run or walk or even doing breathing exercises can help achieve a state of calmness.


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Consistency is Key

When you’re committed to making fitness a priority in your lifestyle, you must ensure that it becomes a habit. Coach Khungar believes that sticking to a morning routine for 5 or 6 days can help make it permanent in your life. When you’re looking to make yourself feel good every morning, you have to put in the effort to sustain the habit.

Make sustainable changes when you’re looking to stick to a morning routine that can help you be a better version of yourself. Being consistent is crucial when looking to get fitter on a set timeline. Within a few days, you will find that you will be more energised and even looking forward to getting up in the morning!


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