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Seven Ways To Be A Better Colleague

Do you consider yourself a good co-worker? Learning how to be a good colleague at work will help you reach your work goals faster. How? Read this article to find out!

By Namami
11 Jan 2023

You end up spending more than 8 hours every day in an office, for a total of approx. 40 hours per week. That's a lot of time spent with co-workers. Then why not strive to get to know them better in order to become a good co-worker?

Working as part of a team can be a lucrative and enjoyable experience but it is not always easy. It is up to each individual member to do their share of work to guarantee efficient cooperation and collaboration among teammates. Being a better co-woker with these tips will help you form strong professional ties, secure your place in the team, and achieve your goals faster.


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Seven Tips On What Makes You A Good Co-worker

1. Don’t Just Communicate, Pay Full Attention And Listen

Being on the same page is crucial to work efficiently as a team. Listening to your colleagues ideas clearly, and trying to understand your colleagues better at work will make them feel valued and connected. Strong communicators also know how to check in with themselves and others, so they’re always on the same wavelength.


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2. Support Your Colleagues Mental Health

Your team faces mental health challenges such as workload anxiety, burnout, and stress that hampers their work delivery too. According to a 2022 study titled Mental Health and Well-being in The Workplace by Deloitte, “Mental health-related challenges are not new to the Indian workforce, but these have come to the forefront in light of COVID-19, and a younger workforce that is open to speaking about their individual well-being.”

Taking mental health initiatives such as being there for your colleague during critical work phases help them overcome situational hurdles. Be ready to be there when needed.


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3. Know Your Role (And Your Limits)

You should know what’s expected of you and how your role fits within the team. You should also be realistic about how much you can take on. Make sure you are not taking on jobs outside of your primary responsibilities, as this may hamper the role you're playing in the company.


4. Taking Initiative Goes A Long Way

Taking the initiative means helping prevent problems before they happen, and sharing ideas even when not expected. You never know which will be taken where. It also means addressing them as soon as they appear, if and when they do. Be ready to spring into action before someone asks you to.


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5. Lead Out The Compliments

Be it celebrating any member’s success or your team's accomplishments, giving compliments on the work of others goes a long way. It motivates your teammates and makes them feel noticed and heard. This helps your colleagues gain confidence in themselves.


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6. Return Calls And Emails Promptly

Wonderful office etiquette is a good place to start when trying to make friends at work. Nothing irritates busy people more than having their emails and phone messages neglected or returned late. Your silence not only makes their job more difficult; it also sends an unpleasant message.


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7. Convey Your Work Capacity

Honesty about your work capacity can make you a great co-worker. That doesn’t mean saying yes to everything or not expressing when you are loaded and nervous. It simply means that instead of saying you are too busy, ask if there is any chance you can look at the request in a day or two. Because you respected their query, your co-worker will respect your capacity.

With these tips in mind, you’re on your way to proving yourself as the best co-worker at work!


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