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5 Unconventional Things To Do This Diwali

Not in the mood to be fully festive or mingle this Diwali? Break away from tradition and expectations and take it easy this festive season with these unconventional options!

By URLife Team
23 Oct 2022

While Diwali can be the best time of the year for some, it isn’t that way for everyone, and sometimes, you might not want to celebrate this time at all. Traditions and family time can prove to be challenging, especially when you’re looking for a break to recharge and recover.


There’s no reason for you to spend this Diwali stressed or miserable when you can choose to take a break and do something unexpected. Break the cycle and do something unconventional, and we’ve got the perfect ideas to get you started!


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All-Day Movie Marathon

Has it been a while since you last binged a show? Whether it’s House of the Dragon or the latest season of You, don’t miss out on this chance to have a marathon that will be completely undisturbed. Not only will you get the chance to rejuvenate yourself, but you can make it an official party with your friends and family. Call over anyone else who’s simply not in the Diwali mood to spend the day (or night) with you doing absolutely nothing and get a playlist of shows or movies to watch.


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A Self-Care Getaway

The hustle culture has led many people to forget what self-care can look like, and that’s never good news for anybody. Not paying enough attention to yourself can lead to feeling burnout and stress more often. Festivals like Diwali then become the only way you are able to leave work and find some time for yourself. If you’re lacking a bit of ‘me’ time, it’s the perfect opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle for a serene trip. Destinations that are a bit cooler, like Manali and Shimla, are perfect when you want to relax and enjoy a great view. If you’re really looking for a change in scenery, going to Kerala, Pondicherry, or Andaman & Nicobar Islands might be just what you need. Want to stay closer to home? You can organise a ‘spa’ day for yourself, which can include a relaxing massage, and a healthy meal customised to your body type.


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Host a ‘Me’ Party

Has it been a while since you were able to focus on yourself and your needs? Sometimes, we actively avoid paying attention to ourselves and focus on everyone else’s needs before ours. Whether you’re a parent or have family members to take care of, it can be easy to forget that you deserve attention and care too. Finding some time for yourself this festive season might be tough if you’ve got multiple obligations, but something as simple as reading a book at your favourite cafe or park might be all the rejuvenation that you need. Try cooking your favourite meal at home or jam out to your favourite tunes by yourself and enjoy the ‘me’ time!


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Head Out For An Adventure

Looking for some action-packed activities to break the monotony of life? Looking for fun adventures during the festive season can be quite different from what convention demands, and chances are that they’ll be easier to find too. If you’re looking for an activity closer to home, think about signing up for a rock climbing class or pole dancing. If you have the time to do something more, bungee jumping, river rafting, and sky diving are other great options to try out. Not only will you make memories that will last a lifetime, but you’ll also have a fun story to tell your family and friends long after the festive season is over.


Take a Digital Detox

Using technology in some way or the other during your regular day is the norm now, and as much as you might avoid it, screens are a constant presence on most days. Take a break from all gadgets and screens ‘digital’, and go for a digital detox. Going offline for a day or two during the festive season means that you can enjoy time with yourself or others fully without being preoccupied with notifications, emails, or calls that you don’t need to attend. Try going for a long walk or hike to enjoy being outside, and spend this time with those who matter the most to you.


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