On-Demand Fitness Can Transform Employee And Company Health, Here's How

Can’t find the time to hit the gym after or before work? Enter the world of on-demand fitness. Find out how organisations are focusing on their employees’ long-term health and well-being with on-demand fitness programs.

05 Mar 2023

We are undoubtedly living in the era of advanced technology, the age of information, digitisation and artificial intelligence. We are accustomed to immense comfort when it comes to fulfilling any of our needs, whether it’s for grocery delivery or teleconsultations. Technology has had a long impact on our daily routines. But it has now also revolutionised the way people can take care of their fitness and health. Earlier, only corporate giants could afford employee gyms and fitness facilities. But, now, a truly portable, ultra-convenient, and affordable employee fitness program is finally upon us. Workplace fitness has upgraded, and the best thing is that it’s for every type of organisation, big or small.


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On-demand fitness is an option that is ideal for organisations that don’t have the resources to establish an on-site gym. On-demand fitness apps allow employers to offer multiple fitness options to employees, even those working remotely. Today, more employers realise the value of investing in employee health and the benefits of keeping employees physically active. Lack of physical activity contributes to numerous health risks, leading to increased healthcare costs and lost productivity. Physical activity has also been found to have a positive impact on mental health and well-being.


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Understanding On-Demand Fitness

On demand fitness is a safe solution that lets them choose a training style and an intensity level that fits their needs—without stressing about schedules and squeezing into crowded gyms.

On demand fitness consists of fitness videos, either pre-recorded sessions or live streams, so that employees can access high-quality streaming videos whenever they have time, making it convenient for them to focus on their health. Not only can videos be accessed online through a device like a computer or a tablet, but they’re also incorporated into mobile apps, providing more convenience, customisation, and transportability.


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Benefits of Fitness On-Demand

A 2022 Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement survey reveals that 60 per cent of employees felt fitness perks are a contributing factor to their job satisfaction. On-demand fitness allows employers to offer numerous workouts to their employees.

1. Trackable: Today’s workforce is tech-savvy and is becoming more dominant by the day. Using mobile applications to give employees what they need to balance life and work is a clever move by organisations. One of the most significant benefits of on-demand virtual fitness is that there is no guesswork. One can clearly see and track their progress toward their end goals. A virtual fitness portal allows employees to track their progress and create a virtual community.


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2. Accessible: The real agenda behind on-demand virtual fitness is that people can take part in fitness classes anytime and anywhere. It is easily accessible to all employees as they can schedule on-site fitness classes or establish a workout space in the office too. It ensures that employees can work out any time, whether it’s during a lunch break at the office, or when they’re working from home.


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3. Customisable: Not enjoying a class? You can switch and try another one to get the kind of fitness experience that makes sense to you. Customisation is also a great way to adjust or customise mix-and-match sessions, designing your own schedules and routines. On-demand fitness has even better offers-- not only employees but their dependents too can benefit from fitness content via a benefits portal or mobile app.


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4. Affordable: Virtual fitness is a cost-effective alternative to on-site fitness centres. People will be more likely to exercise if they find a workout that appeals to them. Once enrolled, employees can use various classes for various interests — from cycling to yoga to kickboxing, to mom-and-baby fitness or simple stretching. At an affordable cost, on-demand fitness can help employees reach their goals, and maximise personalisation.


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