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URLife Wellness Calendar April 2022

April is upon us, and it’s time to get summer-ready, mentally and physically! Choose a healthy lifestyle by adopting healthy habits throughout the month of April.

By Aditi
01 Apr 2022


URLife Wellness Calendar April 2022


1st: Pamper yourself with a relaxing face mask or massage

2nd: Try a new activity like pottery, calligraphy, or even needlework!

3rd: Clean your space to declutter your mind and space

4th: Take a peaceful walk outside to energise yourself

5th: Take care of your skin and create a consistent routine

6th: Try out intuitive movement for exercise

7th: Learn something new – whether that’s about PCOS, seed cycling, or anything else

8th: Take a screen timeout- unless it’s related to work for the entire day

9th: Schedule an appointment with a dentist to maintain your oral health

10th: Think about your relationships and distance yourself from people who drain your energy

11th: Watch a movie/show with your partner for some quality time

12th: Enjoy a drink or a meal outside by yourself

13th: Buy something that will improve your quality of life – a yoga mat, weights, or anything else!

14th: Cook dinner for your family and enjoy time with them

15th: Challenge yourself to a new workout routine to mix it up

16th: Find new music that energises you and speaks to your soul

17th: Start reading that book you’ve always wanted to

18th: Do a closet purge and get your summer wardrobe ready

19th: Start being honest to people you interact with about your feelings and boundaries

20th: Meditate in the middle of your workday

21st: Connect with an old friend you’ve wanted to reach out to

22nd: Consider adopting Ayurvedic nutrition for better health

23rd: Know how to manage anxiety and stress through box breathing

24th: Make conscious snacking decisions – consider opting for whole foods instead of processed

25th: Discuss something meaningful to you on an online forum

26th: Compliment everyone you meet today

27th: Evaluate your day and highlight the positives

28th: Go to bed early

29th: Make summer detox drinks to keep you refreshed

30th: Say thank you and please to everyone who helps you during the day


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Wellness Calendar: April


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