4 Ways To Mark Progress That Don’t Involve Checking The Weighing Scale

How stressful can it be to stand on the weighing machine and wait for those numbers to go down! Don’t worry, here are some other signs to focus on instead and stay motivated.

By Ameya Arora
12 May 2022

Like most people, you might be eager to know how soon you can expect to see results after embarking on your weight loss journey. Recently, Kim Kardashian’s no-carb, no-sugar diet to fit into a vintage gown for the Met Gala 2022 caught the attention of nutritionists and people who are concerned about their weight. She lost approximately 7 kgs in just three weeks, and dieticians and doctors were not pleased.

Wanting to lose too much weight too quickly can have a negative impact on your physical and psychological well-being. According to a 2016 study published in an Obesity Journal, losing weight too quickly can put you at a risk of various health problems including muscle loss, nutritional deficiencies, and a drop in metabolism. On the other hand, people who lose weight slowly, or at a normal pace do so safely without harming their body and are actually more likely to sustain it long-term.


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When people are trying to lose weight, they are constantly measuring their success by the numbers on the scale. Weighing scales are their companion, and also the nightmare. If the numbers don’t change on the scale, it can result in demotivation and stress. However, the good news is that the weighing scale is not the only measure to help you mark progress.


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In any weight loss journey, motivation plays a key role. All of us need some hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Such hope keeps us motivated to work harder no matter how challenging the journey becomes. At this moment, knowing the subtle signs of weight loss can help.

There are a lot of signs that you can look out for and determine if you are on the right track. These signs may not necessarily consist of physical signs, which most people are looking for. The signs are well-rounded and can be mental, emotional, and behavioural.


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Let’s take a look at some of the vital signs indicating that you are on your way to becoming healthier and fitter..

1. You Comfortably Fit Into Your Favourite Jeans Or Dress

Losing even half an inch can make it easy for you to wear those jeans without jumping or squeezing your tummy. You would notice that they fit you smoothly and comfortably. If you focus on eating healthy and avoid processed foods, you can shed water weight. If you are strength training, chances are you have lost some fat and gained muscle mass, so even though the number on the scale might be the same your clothes fit better.


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2. You Are More Active And Energised

When you begin to shed the extra weight, it becomes easy for you to stay energised throughout the day. You would begin to notice that while earlier it was difficult for you to walk for even 10 minutes, now you can even take brisk walks. Moreover, you may also realise that you are more inclined towards taking the stairs instead of a lift.


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3. You Sleep Better

When you are losing weight, you channelise your energy more effectively into your chores. As a result, you can get a good night’s sleep and allow your body to relax and rejuvenate. If you perform aerobic exercises, you will notice a healthy difference in your sleep quality after four to eight weeks, according to a 2020 study. Losing weight also helps ease snoring. For that reason, weight loss also acts as a therapy for those who have sleep problems.


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4. Your Mood Improves And Confidence Increases

Shedding a few kilos may help in elevating your mood and confidence. You feel happy with the way you look and your self-esteem improves. Running daily can increase the production of your happy hormones, serotonin and dopamine. According to a 2008 study, exposure to sunlight can increase the production of both serotonin and endorphins. All these are neurotransmitters associated with your mode, and their increased production works to keep you happy.


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