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Compassionate Boundary Setting

Saying no can be hard, especially when you are not in the habit of being assertive. While boundary setting can sound simple, it isn't always easy. Michele Paradise, trauma-informed therapist guides you through easy ways to set healthy boundaries without the risk of offending anyone in your life.

By Aditi
09 Aug 2022

Trying to navigate your life while maintaining personal comfort can be challenging, especially when you have to say no to friends, family and even colleagues. Saying no can be perceived as ‘rude’ and even lead other people to feel offended. Many situations can arise that you may not entirely feel comfortable with, and you need to know how to exit them before they happen or while they’re happening. Figuring out what you want from relationships in your life can help you establish boundaries. Learn to push back without ruffling any feathers in this video led by trauma-informed therapist, Michele Paradise.


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