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URlife Wellness Calendar 2022: March

Searching for balance in your life? Take steps towards your well-being and choose a healthy lifestyle by making small changes throughout your day. Use the wellness calendar for March as your guide.

By URLife Team
01 Mar 2022


Wellness Calendar: March


1st: Appreciate your partner for being there for you.

2nd: Keep a check on your allergies by changing bedsheets and pillowcases.

3rd: Meditate to clear your mind.

4th: Simplify your to-do list.

5th: Achieve mental satisfaction by decluttering your home.

6th: Practice yoga to unplug from negativity and anger.

7th: Practice mindful breathing early in the morning.

8th: Book an appointment with a dermatologist to care for your skin and hair.

9th: Read the Vagina Bible by Dr Jen Gunter for fact-based, inclusive information on women’s health.

10th: Cast out morning fatigue by doing stretches and playing music.

11th: Indulge your sweet tooth with this healthy dessert.

12th: Follow Instagram accounts that bring joy to your life.

13th: Make sure to sleep soundly for 7-8 hours by listening to a bedtime podcast.

14th: Spend time with your loved ones.

15th: Take your pet to the vet for a checkup.

16th: Choose an early dinner routine to boost digestion.

17th: Visit a dentist for an oral checkup.

18th: Distance yourself from toxic people.

19th: Share a good laugh with friends.

20th: Start your day with this quick workout.

21st: Sitting for too long? Stretch your arms and take a deep breath to re-energise.

22nd: Cook a challenging dish that you have never tried before.

23rd: Turn off notifications one hour before bed.

24th: Mend your relationship by communicating with your partner.

25th: Buy plants to boost your mental health.

26th: Consume hibiscus tea for better immunity and health.

27th: Irregular periods? Get to know more about PCOS.

28th: Keep diabetes in control. Schedule a fasting plasma glucose (FGP) test.

29th: If you have hurt someone, acknowledge and apologise.

30th: Practice gratitude. List all the things that you are grateful for.

31st: Listen to your favourite podcast while watering your plants.


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Wellness Calendar: March



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