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URLife Wellness Calendar 2022

This year make the resolution to practise self-love—with a little help from us. From January onwards, URLife will bring you a wellness calendar, curated to support you in living a happy, healthier life. From physical health tips to mental wellness activities, use our calendar as a guide to be the best version of you. The first step to reaching your goals starts here.

By URLife Team
01 Jan 2022

Wellness Calendar: January

1st: Decide on three things you wish to accomplish this year.

2nd: Write down five qualities you love about yourself.

3rd: Try a new activity.

4th: Go for a jog or start running.

5th: Meditate for fifteen minutes in the morning.

6th: Schedule a doctor's appointment for a regular checkup.

7th: Remember to moisturise well for winter.

8th: Get yourself moving for 15 minutes for every hour you spend sitting. 

9th: Compliment a loved one.

10th: Reduce screen time. Turn off your devices before 10 pm.

11th: Stay hydrated, drink water before you feel thirsty. 

12th: Declutter and organise your room.

13th: Read for twenty minutes.

14th: Have a heart-healthy meal rich in antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids. 

15th: Leave your work at the office.

16th: Evaluate your progress with your New Year's resolutions.

17th: Indulge your sweet tooth.

18th: Do a random act of kindness.

19th: Remember to take deep breaths in stressful moments.

20th: Make that phone call. Reach out to your family or that long lost friend. 

21st: Wake up early in the morning.

22nd: Spend quality time with your family.

23rd: Eat your meals at a fixed time.

24th: Tell your partner that you love them.

25th: Go to bed early.

26th: Pick up an old hobby.

27th: Reflect on the positives of your day.

28th: Get some sunshine.

29th: Schedule some me-time.

30th: Whip up a fun breakfast.

31st: Write down five things you are thankful for.


Wellness Calendar: January


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