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URLife Wellness Calendar: July

Small, daily decisions can help you live a healthy life. The decision to cut down your sugar intake by half teaspoon may seem insignificant for a day, but when spread out over a week, month or year, it adds up to healthy choices. Here’s URLife Wellness Calendar to keep you healthy, strong and motivated.

By D Tejaswi
01 Jul 2022

Wellness Calendar - July 2022


1st: Have a good laugh! Laughter decreases anxiety, and signs of depression.

2nd: Listen well and open-up with your partner to strengthen your relationship.

3rd: Feeling bored? Walk for 15-minutes. It helps prevent knee pain.

4th: “What’s up? I’ve missed you tons!” Send this message to a friend, and rekindle your old bond.

5th: Plan a fun-night out with your buddies. Here are six things you should do before a night out.

6th: Ditch make-up for a day. Skin minimalism is this year’s biggest beauty trend.

7th: Do this for 2 minutes to exercise your eyes. It helps relieve tired eyes.

8th: Drink a glass of water post coffee. This helps prevent your teeth from getting stained.

9th: Here’s is best posture to sleep in.

10th: Try these four yoga poses that you can do under four minutes.

11th: Soak ten black raisins and five fenugreek seeds in 1 litre of room temperature water overnight. Drink this to prevent anaemia.

12th: Add microgreens to your sandwich, wrap, or salad for polyphenols, vitamins, minerals and fibre.

13th: Spend a lot of time on your computer? Here are 6 moves to ease your backpain.

14th: Listen to binaural beats to improve your focus and attention.

15th: Apply sunscreen.

16th: Spend time with an optimistic person. It improves longevity.

17th: Treat yourself to a 10-minute massage to kickstart stress release.

18th: Try sugar detoxification. It boosts your energy levels and improves your ability to focus.

19th: Plan a quick morning workout.

20th: Meditate for 5-minutes to energise for the day.

21st: Thank someone today who has done a lot for you.

22nd: Make a fresh glass of charcoal lemonade. It boosts your skin health, promotes kidney function, and removes tooth stains.

23rd: Take time to measure your blood presssure. Here’s how to do it right.

24th: Know the five pressure points to help relieve a headache.

25th: Learn about blood donation and its benefits.

26th: Journal about the best thing happened to you today.

27th: Reserve some time that you can truly dedicate to yourself.

28th: Make a superfood smoothie with spinach, banana and moringa.

29th: Focus on your happiness today, and read this.

30th: Spend some time to set an intention for the day.

31st: The month has flown by! Assess your goals and see if you stayed on track.


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Wellness Calendar: July






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